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Welcome to the Soul's Remnant Wiki!

Soul's Remnant is a player-driven, social, and exploration focused 2D platformer MMORPG. The project began April 15th, 2016, and is being developed by chaomoon.

The trailer can be found here.

Current Status

Soul's Remnant is currently in development. The game is typically available to play once a year during public playtests. Playtests usually take place in December, lasting for 2-3 weeks - though additional tests throughout the year may happen. The 2023 Playtest has been announced to take place from December 22nd, 2023 to January 12th, 2024.

Public and private tests are announced on Discord. Public tests can be accessed by anyone, whereas private tests can only be accessed by private testers. Private testers can sign up by supporting chaomoon on Patreon or being handpicked by chaomoon.

As of 2023, it has been confirmed by Chao that Soul's Remnant is designed to be a game that will only be available to play for a short time every year. This means that for the foreseeable future, there is no intended "full release" for the game. To better emphasize this decision, as well as mark the game's move to the Godot 4 engine, the 2023 Playtest for Soul's Remnant has been renamed to be Soul's Remnant Season 1. Whilst player progress is reset every year, there are permanent leaderboards that will forever mark your achievements in game. This decision allows for the game to provide unique mechanics that could not be possible in the typical live MMO environment. For example; during the 2022 Playtest, players were able to permanently affect Boss Monster behavior for the entire duration of the test by meeting certain requirements. As such, it is currently recommended to view Soul's Remnant Seasons as something akin to a yearly Minecraft run with new mods and mechanics, rather than a beta or preview for something "more" to come.

Game Content

SPOILER WARNING: Soul's Remnant is first and foremost, a player-driven, social, and exploration focused MMO. By reading too much into this Wiki, you run the risk of spoiling the joy of the exploration side of the game. Consider for a moment how rare it is to play a new MMO with minimal knowledge for the first time. We recommend going through the start of your first Playtest as fresh as possible. If you'd like a spoiler-free guide to start the game, check out the Beginner's Guide!

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